Judaism's Egalitarian World




Judaism, the religion and history of its people, has always been a source of interest and fascination for me. My studies and research revealed that, contrary to what I had been taught in my early basic education, egalitarianism is very much at home in Judaism.

Academic circles are well aware of this phenomenon and yet, sadly, most Jews are ignorant of the equality that lies at the basis of Judaism.

The purpose of this web site is to make this knowledge generally available to all who may be interested in filling this vital gap in their education.

I am extremely grateful to the Jewish law and history academics and scholars who have generously given of their knowledge, guidance and encouragement in my research.

Avihai Shivtiel, Cambridge University and the University of Leeds
Zeev W. Falk (z"l), Hebrew University
Moshe Gil, Tel Aviv University
Eliezer Segal, University of Calgary
Shmuel Safrai, Hebrew University
Mordechai Akiva Friedman, Tel Aviv University
Bezalel Porten, Hebrew University

Dorothy Werner
You can contact me at : jeworld@safe-mail.net